Khat facts

Khat Facts  

Khat is now an illegal substance in England and Wales and possession could lead to an arrest.

Khat facts introduces a brief summary of interesting and useful information related to Khat use:

It takes 15minutes to take effect.

Khat is an expensive habit especially if you’re using it alongside other stimulants.

There is evidence that Khat can lead to psychological dependency.

Khat will stay in your bloodstream for up to 24 hours.

As Khat is bought in leaf form it isn’t possible to cut it with anything.

Khat can be a cause of relationship problems and the breakdown of families.

There is a possible link between Khat use and psychosis.

Khat can affect pregnancy and have an impact on foetal birth weight.

Khat use is associated with lower libido, semen volume and lower sperm count.

Khat leaves should be washed to minimize risk from pesticides.

Many Khat users are at high risk of other drug use (factors are: poor housing, social isolation, poor health).

Khat is illegal in US, Canada and various European countries.