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Is Khat legal in UK?
No. Khat is illegal in England and Wales after being made illegal on 24th June 2014. Khat contains natural ingredients which are already controlled drugs both in the UK and internationally because they are harmful.
Can Khat use result in death?
Yes. Deaths can be caused by poisoning from pesticides/ fertilisers used in the cultivation of Khat; also Khat use can result in the increased likelihood of road traffic accidents and fatalities; and there are recorded deaths from choking and deficient supply of oxygen that have resulted from irritation and when piece of khat has stuck in trachea.
Do I need to wash Khat leaves?
Yes you do. If you don’t wash the Khat leaves you could swallow pesticides that can contribute to the development of cancer of the digestive system and kidney failure.
What happens if I am caught in possession of Khat?
From 24 June 2014, police will be able to use khat warnings and penalty notices for disorder (PND) for £60 to adults. This means that if the police find you with khat which is meant for your own personal use, you can be given a warning for the first possession offence, be given a penalty notice for disorder (a £60 fine) for your second possession offence, face arrest for your third possession offence.

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