Khat facts

Do you or somebody you know  
chew khat?

Khat is a popular stimulant used predominately by members of the Somali, Yemeni and Ethiopian Communities. The use of >KhatImage Ref: in the UK has risen dramatically and it is now illegal in England and Wales.

Khat is now crossing cultural divides and becoming a drug of choice for an increasing number of young people in the UK.


Khat facts

  1. Khat is now illegal in England and Wales.
  2. Khat is an expensive habit especially if you’re using it along side other stimulants.
  3. Cases also show that Khat has psychological dependancy.
  4. Khat takes 15 minutes to take effect and will stay in your bloodstream for upto 24 hours.
  5. As Khat is bought in leaf form it isn’t possible to cut it with anything.